• CIGA is the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. All guarantees for cavity wall insulation are held by CIGA.
  • According to their website “The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency is an independent body that provides 25 year guarantees for Cavity Wall Insulation fitted by registered installers in the UK and Channel islands.”
  • Your CIGA guarantee is an essential document for your compensation claim. If you haven”t got it we can help you get a copy of it (see below). We may also have a “work around” for this.
  • When you read “Who is CIGA” (see below) the word independent doesn’t seem to fit well.

There follows a list of their council members. Members of the “independent” body that provides the guarantees. Who’s side do you think they are on? 

Tony Hardiman MBE has been Managing Director of Dysons Energy Services Ltd for the past fifteen years. Dysons Energy Services Ltd is one of the country’s largest cavity wall insulation installers.

Nick Ralph has been closely involved with public affairs activities in ROCKWOOL. ROCKWOOL are one of the country’s largest insulation manufacturers

David Burton is Business Development Manager at Saint-Gobain Isover, the world’s largest manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation products.

David Robson is Managing Director of InstaGroup. InstaGroup established and operate the Snug Network, a collection of over 100 local businesses combining to offer nationwide insulation.

Jonathan Pulman is Sales Director at Knauf Insulation. Knauf Insulation is one of the country’s largest insulation manufacturers.

Ben Craig is the Managing Director of Homeworks Energy Ltd. Here are a few extractions from their website.”Our network of local teams offer unrivalled national coverage for our cavity wall insulation removal service”. “We recognise that many houses with a cavity wall are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation. Many have been poorly installed. For this reason, we are among the UK’s leading specialists in cavity wall insulation removal.” “ If cavity wall insulation has been poorly or inappropriately fitted, it may lead to problems of damp and condensation. In these circumstances, it is likely that it will have to be removed. Removing cavity wall insulation is a frustrating expense for customers who had it installed in good faith. Thinking that it would save them money. We recognise that” How rich is that?

Phil Dickin  currently manages the distribution of Sheffield Insulation Group’s own branded Retrofit Cavity Wall Insulation systems. The Sheffield Insulation Group is one of the country’s largest cavity wall insulation installers.

Ian Tebb is Managing Director of Tebway Limited, an installersystem designer and manufacturer of cavity wall insulation products.

Sally Greensitt has built close working relationships with some of the industry giants such as Guardian Fiberglass USA. More recently Knauf Ltd.

Mike Dyson is Managing Director of Miller Pattison Ltd a leading specialist insulation contractor.

How to get a copy of your guarantee

The CIGA guarantee is an essential document, but if you can’t find it, don’t let that delay making your claim – we might have a “work around” for you.

If you cannot find your guarantee you can get a copy from CIGA. In September 2017 a copy of the guarantee was free. By October 2017 it had gone up to £10. From 27th November 2017 it had increased to £25. It is now £42. They state on their website that this is to cover “administration costs”.

Our panel of solicitors alone, currently process about 1,000 claims each week, of which about 600 need a copy of their guarantee. This generates £780,000 per year for CIGA, and when you add claims from other firms of solicitors, I would guess that the revenue from copy guarantees would exceed £2 million – some “admin costs”

I think that it has been increased by more than 300% so as to deter customers from requesting a copy of their guarantee – another example of their complete contempt for their customers.

To get a copy of your CIGA guarantee by phone – the fastest way.

The CIGA telephone number is 01525 853300.

Customers are reporting back to us that CIGA are refusing to send out guarantees unless you are selling the house – this is totally wrong! You have a choice of getting into an argument with them, or simply telling them that you are selling the house. They are doing this in an effort to stop you getting the damages and compensation that you are entitled to. CIGA’s default position is that any damp or condensation that you might have in your home, is your fault, and nothing to do with the cavity wall insulation.

Once you have received your guarantee give us a call and we can arrange a free no obligation survey.

Good Luck and be patient.